WATCH: Frat Bro Gets Put To Sleep By Asian Guy Who Knows How To Fight

Joe Rogan once said:

“It’s shocking to me that people are willing to get into fights and not know how to fight. I’ve been training and fighting my whole life and I am terrified to get into fights. I just cant imagine putting myself in that situation with no skill at all”

And those words ring no truer than in this video.

Several seconds into the video you can tell the frat bro is totally in over his head as employs the classic run at your opponent with your hands down strategy. Unfortunately for him, his strategey catastrophically fails and he pays the price with a swift knockout.

And to top it off, the internet wasted no time in roasting the guy:

Got hit so hard, he went into a dream that he won the fight ? man is smiling haha

This is a rare instance where both guys won. The Asian guy gets the W for knocking out Chad. Chad gets the W for not, in fact, “having that smug smile wiped off his face”.

HAHAHAHAHAHA ANDY IS COMING! he looks like mf Woody from Toy Story when he drop as a toy holy shit! ???

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